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 "Leadership is not a business tool ...
... it's a lifestyle!"
Dena Moscola

Accelerating performance through customized, cutting-edge leadership development programs

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Customized Services

We will listen to your objectives and challenges, then create specific leadership strategies through:

Resolutions will partner with your organizations to build an environment of inspirational leadership.

We’ve all met someone that stands out: Someone driven and focused on results; enjoying life with time to help others; navigating through challenges with confidence, keeping others calm and guided through an action plan. How do they steer others with such inspiration, poise and charisma during tense situations?  

Inspirational Leadership

In today’s world, professionals must work harder than ever to maintain a competitive edge. Business skills are not enough. Dictorial leadership is no longer respected.  Many employees leave because of poor relationships with their manager and their manager is seldom aware of it. Most managers do not realize how they influence conflict, buy-in, accountability and moral.  

Inspirational leadership is critical. Teams need to feel informed, trusted, respected and valued regularly for strongest commitments and best performance. Our leadership development programs help leaders focus on these relationships while maintaining daily priorities, ultimately, creating an environment of high performers that exceed expectations especially under pressure.  Our leadership development programs provide advanced techniques to ignite moral, accountability and performance.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."                         John Quincy Adams

Model for our Leadership Development Programs

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Results from our Leadership Development Programs:

Coaching skills + customized leadership development programs =

  • High level understanding of your style and behavioral tendencies as it relates to others
  • Ability to identify and navigate more productively around your blind spots
  • Deeper clarity around why others do what they do 
  • Stronger business relationships
  • Increased communication skills for greater influence
  • Improved team building
  • Tighter, more collaborative change management
  • Advanced conflict management and prevention
  • Accelerated accountability

Resolutions’ leadership development programs provide proven tools and strategies for stronger relationships and greater impact.


One-on-one services or in groups, our leadership development programs help leaders prioritize the highly critical softer skills of leadership.  Some concepts are familiar but often ignored resulting in less effectiveness.  Clients are challenged to make changes in their current behavioral habits.  These changes are often more difficult than they sound and require repetition and accountability to get it right.  The result - stronger impact as you inspire your team to achieve more. Our leadership development programs combine advanced strategy with the basics to take your skill sets to the next level.  Because all of our leadership development programs seek to create lasting change, ample time is provided for practice during and between sessions followed by feedback.   

Our leadership development programs encourage living a life of congruency by regularly applying the principles offered to all life roles:  spouse, parent, manager, personal and professional partner, sports coach, team member, friend, sibling, neighbor, etc., because a true leader is a leader of their entire life.

Because we can always improve, our leadership development programs benefit all levels of leadership. Strong leaders are always eager to learn, admit to wrong doings and re-evaluate how to better influence outcomes.  Inspirational leadership involves taking responsibility and focusing on the most productive responses to move forward. It is an ongoing process. Being committed to demonstrating leadership's most fundamental principles while seeking to take it to the next level is at the heart of every true leader and the core of all of our leadership development programs.

Uniquely designed for long lasting habit changes, our leadership development programs positively influence the lives of our clients and those around them at work and at home.  We believe that the next level of greatness is only one step beyond comfort.  That is why we challenge and encourage our clients to question the status quo and experiment with new styles and techniques. They find great satisfaction as they work through barriers just beyond their reach, leading to greater impact.   Our leadership development programs empower leaders to take control of their success instead of being controlled by their circumstances.  

A variety of interaction, experiential skills practice, feedback, goal setting and strategic accountability create a platform for leadership effectiveness in all of our leadership development programs.  Our authentic coach approach with a collaborative effort, enables us to devise leadership development programs that best match your objectives.

Email us or call 1-973-627-6551 to learn how Resolutions can offer you solutions you can depend on

"The Resolutions Team is great at what they do. They are experts in the field of leadership and have a genuine concern that challenges and motivates people to do better!"                                                                    

 - LA, Training & Development, Merck & Co

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