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Resolutions is dedicated to helping leaders sharpen their performance for stronger impact. Our Executive Coaching services are custom tailored to align with your organizational goals and objectives.

Coaching Framework
About Resolutions' Executive Coaches
What Coaching is / What Coaching is not
Coaching Results

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Coaching Framework
Strong leadership is catapulted through a personal development process. It involves the willingness to look inside and face the reality of yourself. Successful Executive Coaching takes an open mind, patience, honesty and persistence. Our relationship with our clients may span three months to a year and more. We do not follow a strict curriculum because that would be limiting to our clients. Instead we provide a highly customized process that is tailored to the specific development needs of each Leader and their team while aligning with the goals of the organization. We base this process on our years of work in the field and practical application of the most advanced coaching skills for leadership development.

Our approach involves partnering with Leaders to design the process around their particular business needs, work environment, personal challenges and lifestyle.

Executive Coaching assists Leaders in creating fresh solutions and higher productivity. We tap into and expand the talents each leader brings to the table to increase their executive maturity and leadership skills in the following areas:

  • Communication skills
  • Influence & persuasion
  • Providing feedback
  • Self- responsibility    
  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving    
  • Priority management    
  • Conflict management    
  • Empowering
  • Self-confidence     
  • Managing generational differences
  • Risk taking     
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Work/life balance    
  • Presentation skills
  • Time allocation
    and more…..

    Your Executive Coaching Program will consist of one-on-one meetings conducted over the phone and/or in person. We will utilize a variety of leadership assessments to collect feedback and enhance your coaching results. Team meetings and/or departmental workshops are often included for consistency with leadership principles and to increase alignment of organizational strategies and visions. Together, we will design the structure of the executive coaching process to be as efficient and productive as possible.

    With a focus on strengthening business relationships, our tailored services and follow up enhance executive and senior leadership and organizational structure. Employee development services are also offered to all teams, as needed, to support company vision, improved attitudes and motivation to increase morale and accelerate productivity.

    Our coaching approach leads to leadership mastery as each Leader fine tunes and focuses on their agenda to enhance their strengths, build their teams and improve their organizations.

    About Resolutions' Executive Coaches:
    Our elite team of executive level professionals brings forth a unique composite of experience and resources to help you focus on your real business needs. They are specially chosen for the depth of their experience, senior level credentials, and expertise as coaches. Additionally, our coaches are graduates of ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited programs. This highly recognized and regarded credential requires over 300 hours of intense training in core coaching competencies, supervised internships and adherence to a set of strong ethical guidelines. Resolutions pledges to be truthful at all times by never making false claims to be a coach without graduating from an ICF accredited coaching institute.

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    What Coaching is / What Coaching is not:
    Coaching is a perspective and a set of specific, advanced skills that help people reach their goals easier, essentially improving the quality of the work or personal life and most often both.

    Understanding what coaching is and what coaching isn't is vital. There are a lot of stereotypes, opinions and assumptions that are incorrect and need clarification and consistency to enable you to really understand the potential of coaching.

    What Coaching Is Not:
    (The following are based on common market definitions.)

    1. Mentor: A mentor is a role model. It is someone who has a credible amount of success in a particular area that shares their personal stories and lessons to help you reach similar success. A coach doesn't teach by modeling their own stories but may share personal experience to open the possibility to new ideas.
    2. Counselor: Counselors and therapists generally work to fix problems, overcome issues and manage mental illness. Coaches do not work with mental illness or spend much time on issues. In fact, coaches do not see things as problems. They see things as situations and conditions for opportunities. Coaches focus on solutions. Coaches do not dwell on the past or spend much time analyzing. Through coaching, clients may realize that situations may be caused or directly affected by the past. But in coaching we work towards accepting the past and focusing on the future. Coaching takes a client from where they are to where they want to be.
    3. Sports Coach: Professional coaching has its roots in sports coaching so there are many similarities but many differences. Coaching does not focus on win or loose scenario's and is not based on competition. Coaching focuses on creating win/win scenarios for all involved. Coaching focuses on bringing out the best in people. Instead of focusing on being better, coaching focuses on bringing out your best while building others at the same time.
    4. Consultant: Consultants are experts in a particular field that bring their agenda and some possible answers to their clients. The coach's only agenda is to help the client reach their goals. Coaches do specialize in certain areas but the bottom line is to help the client identify their own agenda and then help them achieve it.
      A consultant will help design a plan and leave the client to take action on their own. Coaches partner with their client to help them implement the plan they both develop. The coach will assist a client in understanding and working through any internal or external obstacles that may get in the way of reaching their goals. More and more, consultants are bringing some coaching styles into their consulting to increase effectiveness.
    5. Best Friend: A best friend will always look out for you, be there when you need them and tell you what to do. Some best friends tell you what you want to hear. Best friends also give you personal advice. They tell you what they think you should do. A coach is someone you can always trust to be there for you. They will help you identify all your choices and brainstorm about the pros and cons of each. A coach will empower you to learn and make your own realistic decisions. A coach is non-judgmental and always objective.

    What Coaching Is:
    Coaches are experts in building people. A coach believes that each client is the expert in their field. The coach will assist in bringing out solutions. Coaches are experts at asking questions that bring out new ideas, insights, realizations and solutions many times faster and easier than imagined. A coach is trained to pull the answers from the client rather than giving it to them. This locks in experiences for long term change. From time to time, a coach will put on their consulting hat by providing suggestions from their knowledge and/or experience to help the client come up with new ideas.

    Coaching blends the best of mentoring, counseling, sports coaching, consulting and best friend to bring out the best in people in the fastest and easiest way.
    Coaching is a process and a state of mind that enables people to CONTINUOUSLY rise to the next level of achievement in all aspects of life.

    Coaching Results:  

    • Increase influence
    • Enhance relationships
    • See situations more clearly
    • Create more productive mindsets
    • Think outside the box              
    • Bring out confidence
    • Increase connectivity           
    • Improve communication
    • Manage challenges and conflicts more productively and positively
    • Identify realistic goals and action plans
    • Maintain focus on priorities
    • Honor values
    • Accomplish more than you would on your own
    • Reduce stress
    • Feel more fulfilled
    • Have more fun     
    • To be accountable


    Coaching is a powerful alliance that can enhance the ongoing process of learning, effectiveness and fulfillment in all areas of life.


    Contact us NOW to learn how executive coaching can catapult your leadership effectiveness to the next level.

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