Here's what our clients are saying about us:

*At client requests, many testimonials remain anonymous to honor confidentiality.

Executive coaching results:

“Our Coach has been an outstanding mentor and coach for me and the entire IT department. She brings us great results, is a pleasure to work with and has high business ethics. It is a great pleasure to work with Resolutions over the years and I continuously look forward to bringing them back again and again.”

Joerg Gunther, CIO, Julius Baer, LLC

“Dena has been a fantastic coach and trainer over the years. She can also relate to women and their issues extremely well. She helped me work through some major life and career choices. I have recommended her to many people.”

 Shaun Budnik, Partner, Deloitte and Touche, LLC 

“My Resolutions’ coach has literally changed my life 100% for the better due to her coaching strategies and wonderful personality. She has been working with me since the year 2000 and continues to help me.”           
LA, Merck & Co.

"I'm loving my coaching with Resolutions. My coach is a great listener, acknowledging, praising, guiding & advising - everything I need but don't get!"  
HR Director, NJ

"Resolutions has helped me be more organized and task focused in business. I believe in myself more which has lead to achieving higher sales goals. As a bonus, I now am more analytical and aware of reasons for my behavior on a personal level which has enhanced all of my relationships - both in and out of work."           
D.C., Remax

“Through coaching with Resolutions, I developed a new sense of purpose, more focus, more self-discipline. My more strategic approach is helping to move me faster towards my newly clarified goals. She was engaging and very motivating and helped me a lot. Her book was also very helpful.”
E.K., President, NYC Consulting Firm

"Thank you for helping me to change a mindset I've been struggling with for years!"
SK, Merck & Co.

“I came to Resolutions for coaching when I was in the midst of having to make some major business decisions and choose the directions I was going to go over the next few years. I was experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed and confused by too many choices. You helped me prioritize my choices so that I realized which ones mattered the most to me, and which ones I could let go of, which lightened my load considerably. You helped me narrow my focus down to two top priorities, and start coming up with a game plan for implementing these priorities. I worked with a coach almost a year ago, yet its value has stayed with me and continues to be a big help!”
DG, Resolutions business coaching client

"Resolutions’ coaching services have lead to significant productivity increases in our department. You helped polish my presentation skills and spice up our marketing strategies and public relations. As a bonus, I am now implementing action oriented plans to keep my staff motivated longer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated."
Kim Coughlin, Employment Specialist, Hudson Arc

"Resolutions' coaching has made it possible for me to deal more positively and productively when frustration and self-doubt arise. My professional and personal performances have accelerated greatly. Thanks."       
Maria S., Legal Secretary

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Leadership assessments results: 

“Resolutions presented a leadership program to assist us in identifying our individual styles and how those styles can influence our interactions. Though initially skeptical, I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and my peers. Identifying what others need enabled me to adjust my approach to their particular style to strengthen trust, and foster a better understanding of shared goals. As a result, others are more comfortable, cooperative, and motivated. I also learned how to help others understand my management style, which has strengthened my relationships by empowering those I supervise to approach me in an open, non-confrontational manner. With an underlying mutual respect for our differing styles, our discussions are more positive and productive."
Gerardo Maceira, P.E., Township Engineer, Township of Hanover 

"I learned a tremendous amount about myself; what and why I am the person I am. It truly was an eye-opening experience." 

"I am better able to understand why I and others act and react in the fashion they do." 

"Now, when I question others' actions, decisions, etc., I remember where they fell in the DISC,
 and am better able to understand "where they are coming from"

"I find myself using the DISC in to analyze relationships in general; both personal and professional, which I feel helps me interact more effectively with people"

"The DISC has made me aware of my traits and how they either work with or against my co-workers" 

"I accept and make room for other people's traits and judge less" 

"I discovered my own traits that get in the way - and I had no idea! Now I know how to flex my style to match the needs of others as well as my needs - and everyone wins!" 

"Since the DISC, our team is moving faster through issues and accomplishing more."

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 Leadership training results:

"Your leadership training was excellent. You spoke about a subject that each person can relate to: "How to Reevaluate Ourselves to Reach Greater Success". I just attended Steven Covey's class on 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' and much of the class expressed just that thought. Your sessions were really great and enjoyable. Thanks."        

Janet Durica, GPU

XCEL Federal Credit Union:
"We work together every day and I can't believe how much I learned about everyone. I now have more patience and respect for others. As a result, I've shifted my expectations and then moral and performance increased."

"I learned the importance of addressing conflict early on and now know how to do it in a way that makes things better."

"Using the coaching skills stepped up my listening skills and now my relationships have improved."

"I didn't know how to reach certain members. Now I understand how approach all types of people. As a result, I connect better with others which makes things much easier.

I've stepped up my ability to prioritizing and get things done faster and easier."

"I now have a deeper understanding of what other departments go through which helps us prevent challenges and resolve others faster."

"The skills practice, brainstorming, feedback and stories shared in this program taught me more than I realized I needed to learn."

"I better understand the concerns of our members."


"In the class: Connect & Capture Your Audience, Dena connected with the audience superbly! She is a dynamic speaker that shared very useful techniques on presentation skills. I rate this as excellent and would recommend her to others!" 

JW, 20002 Toastmasters Conference 

"After your class, I took your marketing advice and was amazed to receive 100 leads. I called everyone and the responses were Great! Booked lots of appointments! Thanks so much. I'm excited and business is flowing."        
SW, Natural Health Care Consultant

"Anyone who wasn't there for Dena's Business Building Workshop in New York City, MISSED OUT! The energy in the room was just amazing and now I have NO DOUBT that I have access to ALL the tools I will EVER need to build and enjoy a rewarding and profitable business."    

 "Thank you, I've learned so much!"  

-DM, Merck & Company

“I had the privilege of working with Resolutions as a "trainee" of a Leadership Development Program. It was kicked off with an in depth workshop focusing on leadership styles, professional goals, objectives, communication, etc. She was a fabulous presenter and facilitator. She was very skilled at bringing the group together as a team. I found her to be professional, personable and an expert in her field with high integrity. I would highly recommend Resolutions for coaching as well as seminars and employee training. “
Michele Underhill, Abilities

"We can always depend on your programs to be clear, concise, as well as useful, informative and uplifting. Your experience and insight have, without a doubt, given us new tools to deal more effectively with our business challenges. We are looking forward to your next training."
Elizabeth Goddard, Coordinator, Dove Industries

"When your leadership development program started, I did all I could to avoid confrontation. I wanted to keep the peace and not make an issue out of a small thing. Then you helped me understand the damage my lack of confrontation was actually creating. Your classes taught me how to decide what to confront and what to let of. Then it taught me how to confront people during stressful times. And it's working! Our team is communicating much more now!"

"After your leadership development program, our Senior Executive Management  work together more effectively and productively. They are brainstorming and coming up with solutions to problems and situations that had seemed beyond their control instead of "throwing in the towel" when trying to work with other "difficult" Senior Management Staff."

"I've noticed a more open minded environment"

"I'm more politically correct and professional in emotionally charged situations"

"At first I resisted your guidance on managing conflict. I wanted to keep the peace and avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Then you helped me realize how much I was hurting people by not helping them recognize and deal with the "real problems" head on.  Now our team feels safe in discussing emotionally challenging issues and we work much more cohesively."

"I am more focused and detail oriented. I also worry less and have more fun on the job - as long as I know I'm prioritizing. And my blood pressure is lower!"

"I have a greater understanding of WHY people do, say, and act the way they do."

"I now know how to deal with difficult personalities more positively and effectively."

“There is more humor in the work environment.”

“Your section on performance reviews took a lot of stress out of the process.”

"During the months of your Leadership Program, I noticed I started feeling more relaxed. You taught me how to lighten up and still get things done. My team says I'm less reactive and more fun to work with. Thanks for opening up my eyes and helping me change some strong habits!"

"I now set daily goals and a to-do list and it has increased my productivity levels"

“I have more confidence while communicating to peers and managers, regardless of their level.”

“With the help of this leadership development program, we have created a universal method of communication and our culture is shifting.”

“The quality of our personal interactions are improving which is building team relationships and brainstorming abilities.”

"Your leadership training has helped me so much. I've been putting your time management recommendations into practice and see an increase in my performance and motivation levels. Your strategic guidelines and techniques are helping me accomplish more work each day. Thank you for sharing your experience."              
RN, Lucent Technologies

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but once I applied the techniques I learned in your leadership training, I was able to relax faster and easier. There is a significant increase in my attitude and productivity at work. Thank you."           
Cablevision, NJ

"The stress classes were great.  You covered a lot of useful information in a short period of time. The techniques I've learned have helped me in dealing with stress at work, as well as outside the workplace. I really enjoyed the seminar. Please come back."
Carmen Rodriquez, MetLife, Parsippany, NJ

“The program on "Eating for Energy" changed the lives of my husband and me. We have new eating habits and are losing weight without dieting! The unexpected additional bonuses since I changed my eating habits include: increased energy, decreased stress and improved sleeping habits! I now sleep like a baby on Valium.”          
Debbie Garro, Bayer

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