"Leadership is not a business tool...it's a way of life! "  Dena Moscola

Resolutions' Model for it's Leadership Development Programs

We, at Resolutions, believe inspirational leadership includes 3 significant areas of responsibility and each of our leadership development programs align with this model:

1. Managing Self:  A strong character built around integrity, honesty, self responsibility, accountability, authenticity, passion and dedication to continuous personal leadership development.  An inspirational leader understands their own behavioral tendencies and is able to flex their style to best meet the needs of others.  They have a high level of emotional intelligence which breeds the ability to recognize , understand, manage their own emotions and the emotions of others.  Managing self also includes the ability to maintain a high level strategic mindset that understands everything said, done, not said and not done sends a message and creates a reaction on a personal and business level. 

2. Managing Conflict:   The ability to identify, understand and navigate through conflict while minimizing negative and defensive reactions to ultimately turn tense situations into opportunities for growth. This requires the strength, confidence and advanced communication skills to deal directly with conflict while demonstrating respect, compassion and assertion that honors individual styles and expectations to get the most positive and productive long term results. 

3. Inspiring others: The sincere commitment to build and maintain relationships strong enough to ensure in others the trust, loyalty, accountability, confidence, honesty and courage needed to follow a united vision and reach that next level of potential. Mastering self management and conflict management is a must to influence at a level of inspiration. 

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