Eat Your Way to Success:  The Leader's Guide to Ultimate Energy & Focus
by Dena Moscola

Eat Your Way to SuccessBeing the best leader you can be requires you to be as alert as possible and sustain strong energy levels despite high pressure, sleep deprivation and deadlines. This book teaches how the food you eat ultimately impacts your leadership performance. Learn how to decrease or eliminate fatigue, irritability, impatience, distractions and sugar sensitivity. Create your own plan that is perfect for your lifestyle and work schedule. As a result enjoy steady energy, a sharper mindset, stronger focus, more patience, happier disposition, healthier metabolism and as a bonus - BURN FAT FASTER!
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Table of Contents


Golden Nuggets of Leadershipby Dena MoscolaGolden Nuggets of LeadershipEffective leadership today centers around serving others which requires strong character and the ability to empower and inspire.  Golden Nuggets of Leadership is filled with helpful insights and techniques making that possible for managers at all levels and in any industry. Build better rapport, create more empowering communication, increase awareness of style differences, manage conflict and enhance morale. This book is a fast-read filled with real life scenarios and several exercises and activities for you, as well as options for your team. The most unique aspect of this book is that it reveals a process which advances results not only in your business relationship but also in your personal life

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