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Golden Nuggets of Leadership

Golden Nuggets of Leadership

Golden Nuggets of Leadership
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Effective leadership centers around serving others which requires strong character and the ability to empower and inspire on deep levels.  Golden Nuggets of Leadership is filled with helpful insights and techniques that make that possible for managers at all levels and in any industry. Learn coaching skills and leadership strategies that you can easily bake into your daily communication to:

  • Take rapport to the next level
  • Create more empowering communication
  • Better understand why people do the things they do
  • Increase your positive influence with difficult people
  • Ultimately enhance morale

- all of which improve performances.

This book is a fast-read filled with proven techniqes; real-life scenarios; several activities for you and some for your team. One of the most unique aspects of this book is that it shares processes that advance results in your business relationships AND also in your personal life. 

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